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About Rivaled

 Rivaled is PVE end game raiding guild that focuses on current Heroic/Mythic content. We raid 3 days a week while also providing content for members to participate for non-raid days. Our guild recently formed due to the desire of our raiding core wanting to raid with each other again, several raiders quitting their mythically progressed guilds to make this guild a possibility. We are currently getting ready to hit hellfire with all we got!


Current Raid Hours:

Tu/Thurs/Sun: 8pm - 11pm (PST/Server Time)




Raiding Identity

Our guild’s drive is to progress while having fun. All of us enjoy raiding and this guild is built upon the condition that it will maintain an atmosphere that is not only welcoming but also fun for both new and old raiders in the guild. While we value enjoyment in playing the game, we are still a progression focused guild. Decisions will be made with the guild’s progression capabilities in mind.  If someone in the main raid roster is underperforming and/or hindering a fight he/she will be subbed out or sat if necessary.

It is expected for raiders to pull their own weight in raid, but what we value higher than raw button pressing ability is the ability to improve. Everyone, at one point, was new to the game and not at their best. As a guild and team we are here to help members to be a better player and/or raider.


Loot Policy

Rivaled runs a loot council in which the officers will decide how gear will best benefit the raid. Loot is a tool to enhance the raid’s ability to kill bosses, not simply a reward for downing a boss. If you have a problem with the distribution of gear, bring up your argument with one of the officers and depending on the rationality of your argument, the proper actions will be placed. Core raiders will always have priority over trials in terms of loot distribution simply due to reliability and consistency. Trials who exhibit exceptional raiding qualities in terms of performance and attitude will often be highly considered in the loot distribution process.


Raid Preparation

It is expected that every raider comes fully prepared to perform their best before raid. All raiders are expected to supply their own consumables. Flasks, potions, enchants and gems are all required for raiders, and it is expected for raiders to supply their own. In addition, a general understanding of fights is required during progression periods of raiding. While we understand that not everyone has hours to analyze fights, spending a few minutes reading on fights and understanding general mechanics before raid is expected of every raider. In addition, if you managed to get this far into reading about our guild, add the words "Avengers Assemble!!" at the end of your app for extra brownie points.


Outside of Raid

Many of our raiders and guild members run daily dungeons, challenge modes, pvp events, and play other games such as League of Legends extremely frequently. Our guild is a family and we are proud of that.


"We hang out on mumble all day 'erry day". Come join the fun!

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